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It is Hoped All of These Events are The Ending Moments of The Regional Election of Jakarta

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It is Hoped All of These Events are The Ending Moments of The Regional Election of Jakarta
Gambar M. Jusuf Kalla, Anies Baswedan dan Sandiaga Uno. (FOTO: Kiriman Soedibyo/Sumber Google/Dok).
President Jokowi remind all the people to follow faithfully the decision on Law.
The ballot of the Second round of the Regional Election of Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta has been done on April 19, 2017. The pair of Anies-Sandiaga is the Winner and the pair of Ahok-Djarot is the looser. This result of This result was officially declared on May 5, 2017. The result of this spectacular Governor Election was very surprising, because Ahok who is supported by al the Political Parties members of the Cabinet is in general believed going to be the Winner of the Election. Accordingly the Sending of around 5000 greeting flowers addressed to Ahok was very surprisingly.

Recently two interesting stories have apparently happened but no one likely tried to analyze what did it actually happened. This article is intended to make comment to both the moment considered clearly in relation with the defeat of Ahok who is believed going to win the Election before. Beside of that Ahok is the only address to get almost five thousand of greeting flowers in this amazing event who are as if in general saying Oh Ahok do not worry you are actually the most intellectual and professional leader.

The second comment was also unbelievable background story story concerning the rise of Anies Baswedan as the Governor Candidate who is told because of Vice President JK's intervention that concluded that Anies Baswedan is the pertinent candidate of the Governor to replace Ahok. The leaking classified political story is definitely impossible to be understood what is the background interest of the release of this classified material.

Both amazing event were touching the psychological aspect of the people but with different background and intention. The first event was the booming of greeting flower in Jakarta that reached the number of thousand of greeting flower package send by unnamed persons addressed to respected building such as the Governor Office Yard, the Police Headquarters, and other Government Office Buildings.

The flowers was designed in similar sizes, a quarter with similar wide and long and in general the greeting flower said the same expression on the highest respect to Governor Ahok as the professional, intellectual and wise leader who has led to develop Jakarta beautifully, though he is defeated in the last Regional Election of Jakarta.

The easy conclusion of the event could be compounded that those greeting flower Sending Movement was organized by the supporters of Ahok or the activity that is done by Ahok's group. Those expression were clearly intended to express the deeply regret that Governor Ahok lost in the present regional election. This regret is as if expressed by Ahok followers. Indirectly those thousand of greeting flowers are also intended as cynical regret for the  people who do not elect Ahok as the Governor of Jakarta.
Incidentally the hoax on Cabinet Reshuffle was roaming around followed by the roaming around of hoax saying that one the Ministerial job is waiting for Ahok after he leaves his Governor job. The booming of greeting flowers to Ahok could be definitely manipulated as supporting and hoping President Jokowi will elect Ahok as the new Minister to replace the vacant Ministerial job because of Cabinet reshuffle.
Accordingly the sending of almost vive thousand of greeting  flowers is considered as the political psychological warfare replacing the political campaign through distributing papers, mass gathering or publishing news paper and leaflet. Luckily the people kept quiet and no response was made so the situation of pro an cons was not seen.

However apparently the will to demonstrate that Ahok is actually the best intellectual figure for any high ranking Government job with distributing thousand greeting flowers though it is really crazy but it created the best style of political psychological  warfare to promote Ahok though he lost in the last ballot.

Well this is the first story we take note in in the rest of the last momment of the Regional Election of the Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta. This first interesting event was apparently  followed by another story that happened in the relation of the Regional Election of Jakarta.

Without clear intention and reason suddenly Zulkifly Hasan, The Chairman of the PAN Political Party released a background story telling that the rise of the name of Anies Baswedan as the Governor Candidate who is then supported by Gerindra Party and PKS is because of political intervention that raised by Vice President Yusuf Kalla.

This story was becoming the heavy and large comment among the political community but it was definitely rejected by Fadly Zone, the Vice Chairman of Gerindra Party who said the rise of the name of Anies Baswedan is purely came from Prabowo's own idea. The rejection of Fadly Zone was debated by Vice President Jusuf Kala, who openly declared and recognized that in his private capacity Jusuf Kala is the person who raised the name of Anies Baswedan presented to Prabowo because Anies is smooth and moderate figure, to have strong leadership, intelectual, clean and definitely known well by President Jokowi.

Jusuf Kala said Anies could be the Governor and Sandiaga as Vice Governor. Under this two leadership partnership Jakarta will definitely modernly develops significantly while the situation will be peaceful, cool and orderly.

Jusuf Kalla's statement suprisingly

Jusuf Kala said he is not wrong, as Vice President he did not interfere the problem faced by Gerindra Party and PKS in looking for the partner of Sandiaga Uno. Jusuf Kala just clarified that  his view on Anies was presented to Prabowo once when he privately met Prabowo while they were incidentally going abroad. Yusuf Kala clarified that in his talking with Prabowo, Yusuf Kala was not definitely as Vice Presudent.

However Jusuf Kala statement is definitely surprising because Jusuf Kala has apparently shown Prabowo how will Prabowo defeat Ahok. Jusuf Kala definitely told Prabowo that the Governor Candidate of Gerindra as the prtner of Sandiaga Uno should be a highly mature and totally qualified figure.

Likely Vice President Jusuf Kalla was in opinion that as a private person he may expressed his view as a private Political Observer who has the individual right as the Citizen of Indonesia, because definitely as Vice President he will never talk about political view to Prabowo, because definitely he knows all the Cabinet Members should support Ahok. So it is likely true that Vice President JK never made any intervention to the problem of any political party. He speak to Prabowo both as the private persons members of the high community.

Previoiusly it was likely designed Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono from Democratic Party is going to be matched with Sandiaga but apparently SBY decided Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono to be matched  with Silvy as Vice Governor. The partnership between Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono with Sandiaga is likely impossible because Gerindra Party is the political home of Sandiaga while Gerindra is not the close partner of the Democratic Party as the political home of Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono.

Zulkifli Hasan in making complete of his released story said after Vice Presiden JK raised the name of Anies, Prabowo as the Chairman of Gerindra Party supported by PKS instantly agreed the establishment of the pair of Anies as the Governor and Sadiaga as the Vice Governor candidate.

Potential for mass riot and brutalism

Observer tend to analyze the Greeting Flower Booming Action that is strongly believed organized by the supporter of Ahok is not apparently to regret to the result of the Regional Election  but it is in the relation of speculation on the possible Cabinet Reshuffle and strong hoax said Ahok will be the pertinent candidate as one of the  Minister.  

Being firm leader, professional and as experience leader Ahok is definitely considered a pertinent choice for the Cabinet  Minister to lead the poor Ministry and accordingly reshuffle would be made.

Ahok is in a bad luck, because he god two years in jail granted by the Trial on Blasphemy that means he has lost everything. However President Jokowi remind all the people to follow faithfully the decision on Law.

In this relation Ahok is appealing for lowering of his punishment. The expectation of Ahok could not be too much, because the people opposing him is still potential for mass riot and brutalism.
*) Written by Political and Security Observer lives in Jakarta.

Editor: M. Tohamaksun


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