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Masafumi ISHII: Indonesia Important For Japan

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Masafumi ISHII: Indonesia Important For Japan
Sejumlah mahasiswa saat melihat hiasan budaya Jepang di Festival Kebudayaan Jepang "Bunkasai" 2017, di Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU), Medan, Sumatra Utara, Indonesia. (ANTARA FOTO/Septianda Perdana/Dok).
Indonesia established diplomatic relations with Japan in April 1958 following the signing of a Peace Agreement between the two countries.
Jakarta, May (Antara Megapolitan) - Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masafumi ISHII has stated that Indonesia is important for Japan as both countries have close relations.

"Indonesia is very important to Japan in every sense," he said during a reception marking the 63rd Anniversary of Japan Self-Defense Forces at a Jakarta hotel on Thursday night.

He said both countries continued to enhance cooperation in many areas including defense and economy.

"I think we have close economic ties and we also share the strategies of defense," he added.

Both countries have developed cooperation in the field of communication.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu represented by Director General for Defense Strategy of the Defense Ministry Major General  Yoedhi Swastanto said in his remarks that relations between Indonesia and Japan began in 1958.

He said Indonesia and Japan continue to develop cooperation especially in the defense sector in which the two countries' defense forces also play a big role in boosting stability in their respective region or in the world.

"There is deep relations between Japanese defense forces and Indonesian forces," he said.

He expressed the hope  the bilateral relations would continued to  improve so that further cooperation would be generated and enhanced.

Therefore, he emphasized three important elements which should be  addressed to enhance their ties based on mutual understanding, trust and respect.

He believed that through good cooperation between the two countries, a more peaceful world would materialize in the future.

Indonesia established diplomatic relations with Japan in April 1958 following the signing of a Peace Agreement between the two countries.

For Indonesia, Japan is the second largest strategic trade partner in the first half of 2016 with trade value reaching  14.2 billion US dollars and a key investment partner with an investment value of 2.9 billion US dollars.

Japan imports several important commodities from Indonesia including  oil, liquefied natural gas, coal, minerals, shrimp, pulp, textiles and textile products, machinery, electrical equipment, among others.

On the other hand, Japan exported goods to Indonesia including machinery and vehicle parts, plastic and chemical products, steel, electrical equipment, electronic parts, transportation machinery, among others. (Ant).     

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