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Realizing the Pancasila Democracy Spirit

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Realizing the Pancasila Democracy Spirit
Demokrasi Pancasila. (FOTO: Kiriman Wildan Nasution/Sumber Google/Dok).
The political system that has been since the reform movement until now this has changed course and the basic order of values and ideology of the nation Indonesia, Pancasila.
The role of youth is needed to oversee the events and phenomena that emerged in the country today. Youth should justice in this country so that democracy is created and Indonesia will become the country that respected in the international arena.
It should be understood that democracy in Indonesia is very different from democracy in other countries. This is obviously because of Pancasila democracy contains five values are then of the five principles that unite the Indonesian nation.

Based on a recent survey stated that 97% of people in Indonesia believe that Pancasila is the only unifying Indonesia but in reality only 35% who implement Pancasila values correctly and consistently. This means we are less proud of the Pancasila, whereas some other countries to learn about Pancasila Indonesia to mediate the conflict in his country. Therefore, it is not surprising that people ask to President Jokowi to bringing back the lessons of Pancasila and the Constitution 1945 as a curriculum.

There are at least ten issues that exist in Indonesia today include economic problems, the issue of transition, corruption and law enforcement. To solve these problems, it is still difficult because of the strong intervention by the powers still exist in this country so that people still think that power is everything so people need to plunge into the world of politicspower among other things.

Admittedly or not that the weakness of today's youth is the basis of the student movement is now very weak in terms of student alignments weak, lack of class consciousness in the sense of youth today is easily affected by the enticing lure of office, money and even sexual gratification. Therefore, be a student who really good students and ready to become the next leader. Youth have three important roles, namely, the power of capital, the agent of control and change agents, by having eight responsibilities and two of them are keeping the Pancasila and the Homeland. This responsibility is getting heavier because many things missing at this time include our culture in which our culture is embarrassed, gotong royong it is an influence on our country.
Indonesia is a country of law in the form of Pancasila, and Pancasila is a tool for the adhesive of the Indonesian nation what will become of our nation without any ideology. As a logical consequence of the state of law in Indonesia, all set in the regulations. But the paradox is that many existing regulations in Indonesia but its application is not maximized and there was even overlap with other laws, even ironically reality now many law enforcement officers who violate the rules and the law itself. In fact, the law is an inanimate object so that could have turned the law is of the people of Indonesia.

According to his theory, factors affecting the rule of law is the law itself and the law enforcement, the public and the means and facilities. Remember is that Indonesia is a multicultural country so as to make the law must embrace the diversity that exist d Indonesia.

The Spirit of National Awareness

Today's younger generation needs to increase awareness to defend the country as more and more faded, currently in Indonesia getting threats including border disputes, economic and terrorism while the threat from within the country including politics, conflicts, social disintegration and.

Currently it takes consciousness as the main component of which their awareness to defend the country, love of the homeland, and so on. Indonesian natural resources through uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources so that it can damage the environment.

Now with the ease of information-driven advancement of this technology very quickly get an entry, paradigms now than in the past infiltration very invisible.
The Indonesian people should be aware of where the Indonesian people as a non-physically the foreign nation has merangcang new way with a cheap cost known as modern warfare.

Most of the Indonesian people do not know and understand that we have been dragged into the global scenario developed by the developed countries through colonialism paradigm, the condition of our nation today consciously or unconsciously being dilandai modern warfare.

One interesting phenomenon related to the issue of post-reform ideology since it is neglected to national awareness orientation of young generations, the issue of national insight as if not deemed important than issues of democracy, elections, village election and racial issues or other political issues.

The political system that has been since the reform movement until now this has changed course and the basic order of values and ideology of the nation Indonesia, Pancasila. Liberal political system, one man one vote change the structure of government, the emergence of new state institutions that are contrary to the spirit of the Homeland.

To cultivate young people who have the spirit of Pancasila certainly needed a space of openness and commitment of the government to provide space for the easy generation of creative, critical and innovative.

This country just like a proverbial bamboo that has been damaged without their efforts to improve, at this time we are against the occupation is a new style of fundamentalism ideology that would disintegrate the nation of Indonesia.

The struggle should the effort and resistance needs to be done to restore Pancasila as the basic philosophy of the nation and the nation state in the hearts of the younger generation.

*) The author is the observer of the national issues. Join in Cersia, Jakarta. Staying in the Riau Islands, Batam.

Editor: M. Tohamaksun


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