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Will Terrorist Become the Real-Life Threat in our lives?

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Will Terrorist Become the Real-Life Threat in our lives?
Akibat aksi teror. (FOTO: Kiriman Pardiyanto/Sumber Google/Dok).
Every good elite political elite, the religious elite, elite government and others have a responsibility to be a role model, in building social identity.
In the beginning of 2017, we were shocked by the acts of terror in Cicendo, Bandung, West Java, around 9.00 am on February 27, 2017. Yayat Cahdiyat Dani namely Abu Salam was born in Purwakarta, West Java (June 24, 1975), do the bombing pot in Pandavas Parks Cicendo district, Bandung. The perpetrator was hiding at the ArjunaVillage Office, District Cicendo.

When raids, Yayat Cahdiyat said words in demanding the release of his friends who were arrested by Densus 88. The bombings events before, occurred at the end of 2016, which Juhanda namely "JO" throwing Molotov bombs at the Ecumenical Church, Samarinda, East Kalimantan around 10.00 pm on November 13, 2016 that killed a toddler.

The second note occurrence of the bombing, the second perpetrator was never sentenced in a criminal act of terrorism. Yayat Cahdiyat been arrested in Cikampek in 2011 on a terrorism case in the form of training paramilitaries in Mountains Jalin Jantho, Aceh, at the beginning of 2010 with a sentence of 3 years (free in 2015), while Juhanda never committed a crime is the same, namely a book bomb, was sentenced on May 2011 (toll free in 2014).

Yayat Cahdiyat and Juhandais an ex-convict in the case of a terrorist, someone who never punished and repeat similar crimes. Back recurrence of terrorist crimes by both of these actors brings speculation about the failure of de-radicalization process correctional institutions, including failing to create prosperity.

Economic problems, many linked into the cause of a terrorist act. The member of the House of Representatives FadliZonsaid that 3 causes of terrorism in Indonesia (Law online.com, July 26, 2016: 3 The cause of the proliferation of Terrorism in Indonesia), namely: first, domestic factors, such as poverty continues to haunt the community to be a part trigger action movement terrorism. Second is an international factor, namely the involvement of outside parties or the international terrorism network. Third, cultural factors, that there are still many people have a narrow understanding in translating the values of religion in the society.
Borrowing a term from FadliZon cultural factors, it appears that the failure of de-radicalization process is failing to formulate and incorporate an understanding (insight) about social identity as a multicultural nation of Indonesia against terrorism prisoners and community-minded fundamentalist-radical.

The inmates of terrorism and fundamentalist-radical groups were culturally ethnocentrismpredisposed to the group. Ethnocentrism is a view focusing on their own group and cultural group considers the most good (Sumner). People who believe ethnocentrism will see greater equality of other groups with him the more closely, otherwise increasingly distinct in the group eating the more distant (Porter and Samovar).

Even ethnocentrism can be a strong loyalty and without criticism in his own group and prejudice (prejudice) towards other groups. One way of looking ethnocentrism can be found between when a group easily mengkafirkan another person or group, and even allow the infidels to be killed or also assume government is formed not by the caliphate system is togut (idols).

Ethnocentrism excessive, will be able to encourage aggressive behavior toward people or other groups who are considered different even though other groups did not attack or combat group.

Cicendo bombing and the bombing of the Ecumenical Church illustrates the strength of the phenomenon of ethnocentrism, prompting radical behavior by bombing. They seemed to forget that the differences between groups has been the will of God, human beings are created different to each other.

Might as well forget that God's promise paradise for people who no grudge in his heart, there is any hatred in his heart and there was no anger in his heart. How could the death of a person will get to heaven if death for attacking others, did not die because defend themselves against the other party.

Knowledge and understanding of the religious differences in each religion to another or between groups to another and a community with other communities should encourage everyone to accept diversity, so that it can respect each other and respect the diversity that exists. Many comprehensions taught by the Lord so that people can receive diversity is people think pluralistic. Pluralistic nature would lead one to accept differences and not blame the confidence people or groups and not to force others to follow his own religion.

Pluralistic does not mean pluralism; pluralism is a misunderstanding to say that reality is composed of many substances. Pluralism is a framework where there is interaction of several groups show mutual respect and tolerance to each other in an assimilation without conflict. Pluralistic teach people can be tolerant of differences, even aware of the difference between groups and give each group the freedom to run things according to the group confidence to the extent not intersect with other groups.

Indonesian social life characterized by the emergence of a variety of groups because of different beliefs in God (Tauhid), political differences (system of government), different ways of worship, cultural differences and so on. Failure to formulate social identity and the instrument behaves in the social relations will ensnare the Indonesian nation into ethnocentrism that triggered the behavior of terror, hostilities and conflicts.

Every good elite political elite, the religious elite, elite government and others have a responsibility to be a role model, in building social identity. The teachings of the love between groups, or the teachings of every person to be a giver mercy to the worlds of social relationships capable formulated and taught in every social identity will be able to suppress their hostility and war. Amin.
*) Social and Behavior Observer.

Editor: M. Tohamaksun


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