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Indonesia's Flag Reversed in Malaysia, Subsequent or Not?

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Indonesia's Flag Reversed in Malaysia, Subsequent or Not?
Gambar insiden Bendera Indonesia Merah-Putih terbalik di ajang SEA Games ke-29 tahun 2017 di Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017. (FOTO: Kiriman Amanda Sylvana/Dok).
Malaysia must be able to maintain the trust properly.
Southeast Asian Games party event titled SEA Games to-29 in Malaysia in 2017, officially opened a while ago. The glory of the opening party at the Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia, Saturday (19/8/2017) presented beautifully followed by 11 contestant country defeats. SEA Games 2017 this time competed 38 sports with a total of 404 game numbers followed by approximately 4.888 athletes. Behind the glitter of the opening party, it was stored a very deep wound for the nation of Indonesia, the committee is very careless when installing the flag Red-White flag is a symbol of the country, upside down to White-Red. Conditions were found in the book that became souvenirs in the opening of the SEA Games 2017.
The Government of Indonesia will lodge a protest to the SEA Games Organizing Committee (MASOC) in connection with the Indonesian flag emblazoned in the SEA Games XXIX guidebook. In the magazine inserted in the saga of opening souvenirs SEA Games XXiX on page 80 plastered the flag in the form of a red and white arrow.

This situation also received a strong reaction from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora). Sesmenpora Gatot S. Dewa Broto said that every host country should be sensitive to the symbols and symbols of the country, because there are rules of international convention on it.

Furthermore, the man who also served as a spokesman for Kemenpora said that in the first stage, CdM Indonesia can make a request for clarification request to OC Malaysia, why it can happen. If the facts are revealed (there is a possibility of them arguing various reasons), then Indonesia through the Embassy can file an objection note, ranging from soft to hard depending on the level of their mistakes.

The false flag incident in the 2017 SEA Games guidebook has also been highlighted by many foreign media outlets. The British media, Daily Mail, reviews it under the title "SEA Games: Oops! Malaysia upsets Indonesia with flag blunders". In the paper, it was mentioned that the Malaysian side immediately apologized. Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs Jiran, Khairy Jamaluddin, personally visited the Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi at his hotel.

Meanwhile Singaporean media Channel News Asia raised the Malaysian apology for the mistake. "Representing the Malaysian government, we want to present an apology to the government and the people of Indonesia," Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said in a statement.

Still from Singapore media, The Straits Times, also discuss about Malaysian apology to Indonesia. "The Malaysian SEA Games organizers have apologized to Indonesia after its flag was printed upside down in the guidebook, which sparked outrage and scathing comments on social media."  In the article titled "SEA Games: Malaysia's sorry for Indonesia flag gaffe", The Straits Times quoted the SEA Games organizers' apology issued in a statement.

US media, ABC News, raised the Malaysian apology issue with the article entitled "Malaysia apologizes for showing Indonesia's flag as Poland's". In the paper, ABC News quoted Khairy as saying he would correct and reprint the guidebook. With the title "Indonesia in flag flap with Malaysia at Games", Al Jazeera also discuss about Malaysia's mistake that triggered the anger of Indonesia.

However, the foreign media spotlight has also made Indonesia embarrassed if Malaysia through its head of state (not enough through the Malaysian Foreign Minister or Menpora) apologized and searched for the intent behind cases that could provoke skepticism and cynicism of the Indonesian people towards Malaysia.

Meanwhile, hackers or hackers who are acting on behalf of Indonesian Hacker Rules, hacked the allegedly Malaysia-owned website Hacking is allegedly following the Indonesian flag case upside down in the 29th Sea Games guidebook in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Like search, Monday (8/21/2017), the desktop display of the page contains a warning tone, "Flag My Country Is Not a Toy". In addition to these words, some of the pages also feature a black screen, with a background photo of the Kuala Lumpur Sea Games guide book. A number of account names allegedly members of Indonesian Hacker Rules are also displayed on the page. Not only that, the song Indonesia Tanah Air Beta also became the background sound of this page.

Anti-Malaysian Sentiment

Although the Malaysian government has apologized to Indonesia, it is not enough to say "apologize" but Malaysia must follow up the apology by legal means by investigating who did it, what the motive is, who the intellectual actor is, whether the action is intentional or not.
During this time many Malaysian activities have provoked the emergence of anti-Malaysian sentiments such as their arbitrary actions against illegal workers, the quality of Malaysian refereeing leadership, Nagor Amir Noor Mohamed. He is the referee who led the match that was played at Selayang Stadium, Selangor (20/08/2017). His decisions are considered quite controversial and tend to harm the Indonesian stronghold. For example, in the 11th minute, he was considered not keen to see handball by East Timor defender Andelino De Oliveira in the penalty box when a free kick for Team Garuda Muda. In addition, the referee was born May 2, 1983 was even give a yellow card to Evan Dimas which consequently absent against Vietnam. The Nagor referee also once led a match involving the Indonesian team, and the tendency to harm Indonesia. The Indonesian contingent should protest the issue, and even if it is necessary to refuse the match if it is led by the Malaysian referee.

Malaysia as the host will be recorded as a result of neglect of Indonesia's flag print reversed, including it will also be noted if the Malaysian Sea Games colored a lot of fraud, negligence or injustice. Do not get through the Sea Games that should strengthen ASEAN, instead causing cynicism and sentiment among ASEAN. Malaysia must be able to maintain the trust properly.
*) The author is an observer of Indonesia's strategic issues. Living in Tabanan, Bali.

Editor: M. Tohamaksun


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