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To Make the Extreme and the Radical Personnel Becoming the Good Citizens (Miscellany)

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To Make the Extreme and the Radical Personnel Becoming the Good Citizens (Miscellany)
Kurniadi, Pemerhati Sosial dan Politik. Tinggal di Kuningan, Jawa Barat. (ANTARA FOTO: Kiriman Kurniadi/Dokumentasi Pribadi).
People believe the Indonesian Cabinet is not the authoritarian government but a group of Indonesian Statesmen.

One terrorist prisoner, Umar Patek al Hisyam bin Alizein has been appointed to become a member of Paskibra Unit in the Official Ceremony of the Rise of The Red and White flag in commemoration  of the 72 th year of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in Lapas Class I of Surabaya in Sidoarjo, East Jawa held on August 17, 2017.

Umar Patek said, he has been four times to be trusted as the member of Paskibra Unit to arise the Red and White flag since four years ago based on his own request because he loves the Country of Indonesia. He thanks his request has been trusted as good intention and to be responded. Umar Patek also had been doing successfully his mission to arise the Red and White flag in the official ceremony to commemorate the National awakening Day in 2015.

BNPT Research

This special record happened among to be believed the diehard  terrorist prisoners definitely provoked our mind is this case true and there is really changing in the heart and mind of Umar Patek. Accordingly it is likely BNPT should be necessary to make this case as an object of serious research to get the answer on the real reason of this case. Definitely we hope it may become the historical fact to be useful experience to built and to bring back those radical prisoners to become the good citizens.

Apparently it is necessary to know what is the impact and the reaction among the other diehard prisoners. Definitely the main point is to get the answer what have been the main factors and the real motive of the changing attitude of Umar Patek that may be used to change the radical attitude of the other diehard  prisoners. The Indonesian Government is thoroughly wishing to really implement the principles of the Pancasila Philosophy in all the Government decision. Indonesia is not definitely under the authoritarian government.

It is likely the wise idea, if the Government plan to put the development program of Lapas all around Indonesia (Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jayapura and other places) to be really implemented. Definitely we should not build  The "Sing-Sing Prison" in Indonesia but The  House of Making Good Society (Lapas).

The Implementation of the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No 2 of 2017.

Definitely this is referring to one of the mission of the  Presidential Working Unit to Built the real Implementation of the Pancasila State Ideology in all Government Program (UKP-PIP), it is likely the various legal problems happened recently to be good for the Government attention. It is accordingly wise to evaluate the Implementation of Government Regulation No 2 of 2017 to replace Law No 17 of 2013 on Mass  Organization.

Accusing the Government Regulation No 2 of 2017 on Mass Organization as the indication of the authoritarian decision is definitely not true, however this accusation should be understood as the demand, expecting the Government to dissolute the radicalism and extremism based on Pancasila spirit.

Recently Minister of Home Affairs said he has observed the  activities of FPI (Islam Protecting Front) for two years. Minister of Home Affairs did not completely finish his words but definitely he is talking about the implementation of The Government Regulation No 2 of 2017 on Mass Organization. Minister of Home Affairs apparently said before beside of HTI there will be tree or five more radical mass organizations will be dissolved.
In the case of Umar Patek it is likely BNPT will make the serious research to answer the main question, whether the changing attitude of Umar Patek is true and if the changing attitude  of Umar Patek is  true what is the main reason of his changing attitude.

Since the Program on Preventing the Extremism and Radicalism is authorized by BNPT it is likely correct if BNPT make also the serious research what is the real reason of extremism and radicalism growing among the FPI members. Is FPI against Pancasila Ideology?. This is also a question that should be answered before the  decision to dissolve FPI is made.

The idea of this course of action suggested to the Government to be definitedly intended to  purpose the idea to solve the problem of extremism and radicalism using the Pancasila Spirit and it is not definitely purely using the legal action that is vulnerable to be accused as the implementation of the authoritarian power.
Definitely the Government do not want to be accused as the  authoritarian power and abuse the power to get more bigger and stronger power (Power tend to corrupt and corrupt power is absolutely corrupt).

The implementation on the character screening to be applied among the members of radical mass organization is likely necessary. Those personnel (members of FPI) who are potentially built and educated becoming a good Citizens and trained them to become the responsible government apparatus through the program of "The  Training of to Save The Country" conducted by the Ministry of Defense, could be likely considered.

President Jokowi has always reminded that our long land border are needed serious attention, watched and secured, because the land border line is one on the weak areas for various type of infiltration coming from abroad entering illegally into Indonesia. Likely it is also good to be thought that the so many Indonesian Youth of educated, courage and good character to be formed as the "Land Border Guard" as a part of effort protecting  the Country of Indonesia. This kind of mission definitely could be offered to the educated, brave, courage and good character of FPI members to join.

Umar Patek case should inspire the Government to act pertinently, wisely and philosophically in implementing the Government Regulation No 2 of 2017.

The mission of the Government is to built and to develop the Indonesia people becoming the good Citizens. The mission of te Government is not just publish the Law and Regulation, to dissolved the considered radical organization and caught those members who are making illegal activity and sent them to jail. The Governmernt dfinitely has the mission to build those young people becoming the good Citizens.

Cabinet Meeting

It is likely better if all the Ministries concerns (Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministery of Law and Human Right, TNI and BNPT) under the coordination of The Coordinating  Ministers for Political, Legal and Security Affairs to meet and to discuss it.

The Implementation of the Government Regulation No2 of 2017 is not not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs, but it is the responsibility of the Cabinet. People believe the Indonesian Cabinet is not the authoritarian government but a group of Indonesian Statesmen.

*) Political and Security Observer. Live in Kuningan District, West Java.

Editor: M. Tohamaksun


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