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Against the ISIS Appeal

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Against the ISIS Appeal
Stanislaus Riyanta. (ANTARA FOTO/Dokumentasi Pribadi/Dok).
Nationalism should be raised, strengthened and built as a frontline preventative foreign ideologies entered Indonesia, and it must start from the exemplary leadership and political elite.
In mid-2015, Indonesian public was shocked by Dwi Djoko Wiwoho, former director of One Stop Services (PTSO) Concession Agency (BP) Batam who joined ISIS. Dwi Djoko Wiwoho leave employment and occupation are quite prestigious, from an economic standpoint there is no problem anymore. A similar incident was repeated in 2017. Triyono Utomo Abdul Way, former Head of Sub Non-Tax Revenues Non Natural Resources Ministry of Finance resigned from the civil service and trying to join ISIS.

Triyono Utomo decision is surprising, Triyono's education quite prestigious. Triyono is an alumni of Accountancy School(2004) with a glass of Bachelor of Applied Science (S.ST), and alumni of Flinders University in South Australia (2009) with a Master of Public Administration (MPA). From the financial' side, of course, no doubt about it. But ISIS strong appeal of being able to make Triyono turn and choose a career and leave his post to join ISIS.

Before the two officials were joined in ISIS, in July 2015 the public was shocked by the news of the merger of Brigadier Syahputra, Members of the Police of the Police BatangHari, Jambi. Syahputra join ISIS in Syria and renamed as Abu Azzayn al Indunisiy. The latest news, Syahputra has been killed in an air raid by US-led international coalition, even though until now there has been no official confirmation or evidence received by the Indonesian government.

Driving Factors and Motivation

In various occasions, the government stated that approximately 500 citizen has joined the ISIS. Many of them are stuck in transit countries such as Malaysia and Turkey. Readings of it certainly can not be underestimated, although many of them have returned to Indonesia for various reasons such as deportation or indeed return to his own wishes.

Pilgrimage of Indonesian citizens to ISIS is not necessarily granted. There are various factors that encourage them to join ISIS. Abu Jandal, Attamimi Mubarok namely Salim, an Indonesian citizen who had lived in Malang is one of those who actively engage and recruit people in East Java to join ISIS.

Invitation by Abu Jandal allegedly with economic inducements. Recruitment is closed allegedly because ISIS sympathizers prospective targets are clear and an acquaintance of Abu Jandal emergency. Narasai-narrative delivered so woke motivation of the prospective sympathizers to join ISIS.

As a result citizens who are tempted by economic promises is willing to sell assets and go with family or gradually they went to Syria via Turkey. Abu Jandal, who was later discovered to have been killed in Syria, feeding the economic attractiveness as a driver candidate ISIS sympathizers to move to Syria, thereby building motivation for change economically with ideological packaging.

In addition to economic factors, ISIS has created the ideological appeal so strongly that is able to mobilize people who purely want to join because of the confidence equation. ISIS ideological doctrines spread through social media and the media is massive.
Publications on ISIS very intensively around the world are creating an attraction for many people. People who tend to have the same understanding or belief will easily sympathize and eventually merge. Even some who release position, possessions, family and what has been achieved only to join ISIS. This proved to be the case in Indonesia, former officials of BP Batam and former civil servant with the Ministry of Finance to join ISIS.

Of the hundreds of Indonesian citizens who have emigrated and joined the ISIS detected there are two major motivations, namely the economy and ideology. Economic motives happen to investigators rose individually, face to face, which usually have a social relationship with a recruiter who had already joined the ISIS.

The second motive was ideological. This motif can arise because information about ISIS through social media and mass media. Interaction with ISIS in Syria occurred with the help of the internet and after intense communication. After the communication is done and then raising the person garnering finally decided to move to join ISIS with ideological motivations.

In addition to migration, garnering people through social media and the media, can be manipulated as a lone wolf for action in Indonesia. It's like in Tangerang (20/20/2016) in the case of police assault, and assault on the Catholic Church in Medan (28/08/2016). With the motivation of ideology and doctrines and the promise of a heavenly offender compelled to commit acts of terror.

Causative Factors

The majority of Indonesian citizens easily entered and indoctrinated in ideology by ISIS shows there are serious problems that must be addressed by the government. Supposedly Indonesian national ideology Pancasila and the philosophy of national unity capable of being filter the entry of ideology as used by ISIS, which justifies the vile ways to achieve the goal.

Indonesian citizens with Pancasila ideology and philosophy of national unity in Indonesia are aware of the difference, the difference is treated as something that enrich and unite the Indonesian nation so as to create national unity. However, if as Indonesian citizens have the nature of nationalism is low, it will open itself to look for other ideologies that are considered in accordance with her wishes. Cracks lack of nationalism and a thirst for ideology is utilized by ISIS through recruiters directly and through social media to mobilize supporters.

Nationalism will remain intact if the citizens feel the state is present and be able to serve its citizens. If state officials and political elites preoccupied with their own interests, the confidence of citizens in the government will fade and directly nationalism will be reduced. This was evident at the various demonstrations lately that displays actions against symbols of the state as an insult against the President or the flag. If high or strong nationalism of course it will not happen.

Effect of intolerant groups against the entry of hardline ideology is quite significant. Group or organization intolerant especially against Pancasila or affiliated with the banned organization like ISIS must be dealt with firmly. If left unchecked and people see that the state does not take action against these groups then this becomes the way for the Pancasila ideology other than to exist in Indonesia.

Attitudes and decisive action must be taken to indicate the position of the state to protect its citizens from foreign ideology and understanding. Inaction by the government would create doubts of the citizens to the state, the government, and philosophy nation. This gap is very dangerous because it can be used to undermine nationalism.


The government must quickly overcome this phenomenon. The values of Pancasila ideology and philosophy of national unity must be fostered as fortresses back in the forefront preventforeign ideologies that are not appropriate. The foreign notions despite the ideological packaging will raise Indonesian citizens and will be pitting fellow Indonesian citizens.

State must be present for its citizens, leaders and political elite as a good role model for the implementation of Pancasila values and national unity, not just fighting each other and show off the power stage scrambling action. Distrust of citizens towards the government and his political elite will open a wide gap for ideology and foreign interests.

Deradicalization must be preceded by the trust of citizens towards the government and the political elite. The trust will be energy for citizens to move together with the government to remain faithful to the ideology of Pancasila and the philosophy of unity in diversity and the fight against foreign ideology that potentially disrupt the country. If the political elite still kept fighting and showed the unhealthy political points and drab, then get ready just a list of people like Wiwoho and TriyonoUtomo length increases.

Nationalism should be raised, strengthened and built as a frontline preventative foreign ideologies entered Indonesia, and it must start from the exemplary leadership and political elite.

*) Stanislaus Riyanta, Intelligence and Terrorismanalysts, Alumni of Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta and Graduate Studies in Strategic Intelligence, University of Indonesia.

Editor: M. Tohamaksun


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